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Allied Health Services

Podiatry – Mr Peter Marcello 

Peter Marcello has been providing a wide range of services at Brandon Park Medical Centre for a number of years. Peter is an experienced and friendly practitioner who is qualified in all general aspects of foot care. His services include children’s foot care, sports care and orthotics. He is an approved DVA and Medicare provider.

Psychology – Ms Dianne Arzuman

Dianne Arzuman has extensive experience in clinical psychology. She specialises in anxiety, pain, PTSD, difficult coping, self issues such as self esteem and body image, relationship problems such as couple and family issues, men’s issues such as anger and custody, as well as work issues, management, bullying and work culture.

Nutritional services – Ms Mandy Tang

Our friendly dietician Mandy Tang has an excellent understanding of individual dietary and nutritional needs, and helping patients manage different conditions such as diabetes and obesity.


Our experienced physiotherapists provide treatment for a wide range of injuries, including managing sport related injuries, and work related and road accident injuries.